Go tell it on the mountain!

Posted on November 27, 2017


Because of you, ALARM’s Frontline staff in Africa have trained and equipped more than 10,000 Christian leaders this year to be agents of reconciliation throughout East and Central Africa. It is impossible to know the number of lives that have been transformed because of the impact of ...

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Why Africans should lead Africans

Posted on October 05, 2017

Africa needs African leaders who know the true African story. It’s very common to hear about poverty in Africa. You’ve probably heard about AIDS, orphans, and widows, too. You might feel overwhelmed, in fact, by the dark picture of Africa painted by well-meaning Western workers. These workers often appeal to the emotions of ...

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Posted on May 08, 2017



Martha Mganga is a peacemaker. This is how she defines herself and how she is known in her community. For someone living with Albinism—a genetic condition that causes skin, ...

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“I feel peace in my heart!”

Posted on May 03, 2017

Mary’s* life came to pieces in the early days of Rwanda’s genocide.   “We had heard of militia men going from house to house for killing, raping, looting, and destroying houses,” she recalls, “but this had not happened yet in our own home.” It was while Mary was busy with ...

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Rewriting the Story…one cup of coffee at a time!

Posted on May 02, 2017



April 6 marked the beginning of Rwanda's 23rd Remembrance of the genocide that took place in 1994. For the next 100 days, the nation of Rwanda will mourn the more than 800,000 lives lost and pray for the continued healing, restoration, forgiveness, and reconciliation of ...

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